10 Tracks From A Loop Pedal - EP

by Various Artists

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First, a little bit of backstory.

My dad runs a community music workshop that a few local bands attend. I've been attending it ever since I learnt how to play guitar. Ever since I can remember there has been a loop pedal at this workshop. Me and my friends would occasionally create some loops on it, from our instruments and our voices, and it seems that other kids, from other workshops that my dad helped out at, would make loops on the loop pedal too. So eventually I asked my dad if I could borrow the loop pedal for a week, and he dropped it off about an hour ago.

This EP contains all 10 loops that I found on the loop pedal. Some of them were made by me, some by my friends, and some by people I have never met. As such, I'll try and accurately attribute each loop to the person who created it if I KNOW that person, but most loops were created by completely anonymous people. That said, if by some fluke one of the people who created a loop on this pedal is reading this right now, contact me and I'll edit the tracklisting in light of that.

For every track on this EP (except the stupid intro by me), the original loop is played four times, and after that, I twiddle some knobs on my guitar amp in a vain attempt to keep things from getting overly monotonous. I tried to adjust the EQ and volume to do proper justice to these loops, but I'm only human, so a lot of them sound poorly mixed. Despite this, I hope you find these loops as interesting as I do. After all, this EP is an archive of sorts, and I'd hate to let any of these loops go unreleased.




released July 28, 2013




Juicebomb Suffolk, UK

I'm Juicebomb, an amateur electronic music producer who hopes to become somewhat professional eventually.

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